Oven for polymerization.

teknomechanics-oven for polimerization

Oven for the solar plant Noor III.

With a capacity of 150 MW, the solar plant Noor III in Ouarzazate (Morocco) is the third phase of which will be the largest solar energy complex on the planet, with a total production capacity of 560 MW.

Our client needed a custom-made furnace for the polymer treatment of the collector paint of the Noor III solar plant.

The requirements were very demanding and must be up to the project.

The furnace should cover each of the following aspects:

Length of 28 meters, sufficient for the treatment of polymerization of the complete manifold.

Frontal surface 9m2.

Front loading gate.

Unloding tailgate.

Carriage guiding system.

Working temperature around 600ºC.

Modular assembly to allow its transport in maritime container.

Prepared to work outdoors.