CAMA-UP project

Within our objective of creating a more humane society, Teknomechanics is participating in the CAMA-UP project..

This project seeks to solve one of the great problems that people with reduced mobility face on a daily basis: going to bed and getting out of bed. The project is aimed at finding a technological product that helps to improve the personal autonomy of those who have reduced mobility in the lower trunk. For this we have considered it necessary to take into account factors such as ergonomics, ease of use and having a universal equipment, capable of being attached to any bed on the market.

The work is being carried out in collaboration between teknomechanics and IDES. The capabilities of both companies create a consortium that addresses all aspects of the job, from initial requirements analysis to functional testing of equipment, through development and manufacturing of the equipment.

Teknomechanics leads the development of the product, from the design phases to the construction of a system that allows the validation of technology and development carried out during the project.

In the project we have also counted on the determined commitment of the Junta de Castilla y León, who, through ICE and using ERDF funds from the European Union, have considered that this project deserves financial support from their part.

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