Biker novelty: a shower for motorcycles

Biker novelty: a shower for motorcycles

Our client was very clear of what was important to him. Unconditional motorcycle lover, the was looking for a solution that allows you to clean your metal horse with as much love as he gives you.

From tecknomechanics we were very clear about the type of machine to which he would trust his greatest treasure and how to realize his dreams in a tangible reality.

The motorcycle is not in contact with aggressive elements.


No violent movements on the vehicle.

Washing cycles suitable for each degree of dirt.

Convenient access from a ramp.

With protection against attacks from adverse external effects, such as wind, accidental blows …

Visual control at all times: the owner witnesses the wash cycle

Easy to use. The machine supports card payment.

Emphasizing linguistic diversity.

With total protection for upholstery and delicate elements.

There is no greater reward that our customers are satisfied

Read the opinion of our client here.

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