ALBA: disinfection unit against viruses (COVID-19), bacteria, fungi and molds.

teknomechanics engineering is constantly searching for solutions to real business problems.
The COVID-19 health crisis, to which no one is unaware, has been an unprecedented challenge. Companies in the space cleaning and hygiene sector have been faced with a challenge of great proportions, trying to guarantee the correct disinfection of surfaces and common spaces, without jeopardizing their balance sheets at the same time.
In this context, teknomechanics enginnering has contributed to the search for an efficient, economical, environmentally friendly, safe for people and quick implementation solution.
The ALBA disinfection system allows proper disinfection of heavily traveled spaces using UV-C ultraviolet light. The ALBA team is effective against COVID-19, coronavirus, viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds.
Its simple and effective design offers a solution from all points of view:

Cleaning staff safety above all else::

Remote control.

Safety timing.

Light signal while the equipment is active.

Warning sound.

Six motion detectors.

Twelve UV-C tubes to guarantee a correct reach.

Comfort in use:

Transport wheels.

Automatic cable reel.

Four meters of cable.

Taking care of environment:

Without chemicals.

No residue on surfaces.

No ozone production.

This project has been recognized by the Junta de Castilla y León as an R&D project, through ICE, Institute for business competitiveness of the Junta de Castilla y León, being co-financed by the European Development Fund Regional ERDF.

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