In teknomechanics engineering we start with your idea and analyze for you the technical requirements, alternatives and different applications, so you can focus on your value.

This is our working process:

  • Analysis of the technical requirements of the customer.
  • Definition of technical specifications.
  • Conceptual design for the product, according to the above specifications, with special attention to ease manufacturing and subsequent assembly
  • Development of the 3D model based on the described concept.
  • FEM simulations.
  • If the project requires it, we perform a functional prototype for the analysis of alternatives and improvements. We have additive manufacturing systems.
  • Preparation of final design, fine tuning small details: 3D / 2D components and assemblies.
  • Tool designing and associated equipment to manufacture the product.

We also provide additional services such as:

  • Consulting services for choosing the most suitable material.
  • Technical office services for the preparation of 2D drawings as well as 3D models for your own designs.

And if you need it we provide the searching and selection of suppliers for the easier launching of your projects.